Our Story

Kefirology, is based on a farm-to-beauty product that is handcrafted at our organic goat farm in Ojai, California. Utilizing the medicinal benefits of an ancient practice, we ferment raw goat’s milk with an active culture of kefir grains. The finished product is a nourishing facial mask that embodies almost all of the health-promoting qualities of the time-tested beverage but this time to rejuvenate one’s skin.


Historically, kefir grains were used to prolong the life of a precious, fragile commodity: milk. Those nickel-sized clusters of beneficial bacteria and yeast have a synergetic relationship as they fight to consume sugar (lactose), which naturally occurs in the milk. By allowing the grains to rest in the milk over a 24-hour period, they quickly get to work. After the first fermentation, the result tends to be a tangy soupy version that looks like yogurt. The second fermentation yields a thicker, more condensed version of the first that increases the vitamin/mineral/probiotic load.

Kefirology is a dense, creamy mask that can be applied at any time on clean skin. As you spread a generous-enough helping to cover your face, feel free to move to the neck and chest, or even to the back of your hands. Since this tangy elixir is touted to work wonders on the gut, it is clearly not surprising that it also works on the skin. Are the profound moisturizing qualities due to the high fat content? Is the smoothing of fine lines the responsibility of lactic acid in the milk? Is the resulting dewy complexion a result of beneficial yeast and bacteria working their magic outside of the body? We think so, this product works for us, and we would love to share some with you.


My name is Erin Regan, and I am a homesteader, artist, woodworker, and have a passion for all things fermented. Especially kefir. I drink it, and smear it on my skin and in my hair. For me, this healing tonic is magical, and I enjoy the rhythm of milking my goats, adding my grains to the milk, straining, shaking, smelling and sipping—and then doing it all over again.

I maintain a herd of 14, a flock of 25, and a pack of 2. I live on 20 acres, growing my own food, and kindly accepting what my animals gift to me every day. In my heart of hearts, I always knew I would be a homesteader of some sort. I would leave the big city and settle for a simpler life. Five years ago, I did just that. I packed up and moved to Ojai.

After living in Los Angeles for many years, I had a deep yearning to get back to nature. I was raised in the countryside in Colorado and on an untouched beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Those wild and natural settings imparted a deep understanding of raw, unscathed environments. Although I was not prepared to go off the grid, I knew I had to escape the city.

After moving to Ojai and attending the The National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa, California, I was completely inspired to expand my garden and my flock, and to explore the idea of having goats and shortly after returning home I was all over Craigslist searching for my new family!

I spent this few years building my herd and beginning to really understand what I was doing, besides hanging out with my goats and feeding them. I had no idea what I was in for! Today, I have acquired an even newer, extended local family of amazing women goat farmers; they kindly and swiftly come to assist in crisis or celebration. This is priceless, as I instinctively knew that I had to create something that would allow me to thrive in this communal, homesteading environment. Now I have an ever growing group of milkmaids myself and mentor women interested in learning about goats and goat farming.

Enter Kefirology. After sharing my cultured milk creations with friends and family, I was encouraged to pursue the creation of a kefir facial mask that I could share with the larger community. Test batch after test batch…people kept wanting more and were elated with the results. I was thrilled to offer a product that is so simple, natural and free of anything harmful. After realizing all the extraordinary and beneficial results that kefir, the beverage, has had on people’s health, I believed that there are highly beneficial results for the skin as well.